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Oxydrol or Anadrol is like any other drug and testosterone supplement in that bad things will happen if you take too much of it. So, why do people end up taking it? Well, to better understand what it does, let’s take a moment to review the molecular bonding that makes Anadrol unique. You see, Anadrol can be considered a DHT-derived compound. By that we mean that it is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid. The 17 comes from the 17th carbon position has been altered to allow the molecule to survive being digested orally. A part of the 17aa group, the majority of steroids out there involve this change to the 17th carbon. So what does this do for people? Well, Anadrol has been shown (when taken in correct dosages) to increase the rate of strength gain by twice as much as those who were not taking it. Clinical tests showed that there was far greater lean muscle mass creation with Anadrol than with a placebo. As you can see, Anadrol has the very real ability to help you bulk up through its use. It has been shown to add strength as well as change the composition of the body to be more densely packed with muscles. At the same time, as we have discussed briefly above, Anadrol does have a range of side effects that you should carefully consider.